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Rebecca Doring



I can be found cozied up in my log cabin in the woods with my sweet cat Gunner and amazing hubby, Chris.

I love moving my body in yoga or on a long hike,

sipping delicious coffee, and nourishing meals with friends.

I want to hand you the reins when it comes to caring for your own wellbeing. Rather than helping you feel better for a few minutes, I want to teach you how to help yourself feel better - whenever you need to. Why? 

So you can experience the full spectrum of what life has to offer - not just trying to get through the day as worry and overwhelm bogs down your joy-seeking mind. 

My philosophy is simple: take a big, intimidating, and seemingly impossible concept - like having a daily meditation practice that supports you - and breaking it down to become accessible, doable, and POSSIBLE. And most importantly - knowing how to enjoy every step along the way. 

What People Say

Rebecca has an incredible way of making meditation practice achievable and attainable for anyone even with no prior experience.  The biggest challenge with meditation is not your personal self discipline but having step by step guidance, and Rebecca provides that in a structured and highly accessible way. Meditation is not a DYI learn it from instagram practice, it’s something that requires the support and care of a teacher - hands down Rebecca provides the highest level of the two.

Matt Giordano

International Yoga Instructor

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