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Hi! I'm Rebecca &

I'm so glad you're here!

I’m a Meditation Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Energy & Breath Worker, Business enthusiast, and overall wellness advocate.


I love spending time cozied up in my log cabin in the woods with my sweet cat Gunner and amazing partner in life: my husband Chris. Yes, I live in a log cabin in the woods and it is even better than I dreamed it would be!


I love the woods - the smell of the damp earth, the calm, grounding nature of beautiful trees (I’m a total tree girl - tree art, jewelry, tattoo, all of it), the sounds of the life within them, it makes my heart sing and my worries melt off of me. 

I feel the most amazing when I’m moving my body in yoga, on a long hike, or skiing down a mountain. I’m a foodie at heart and love to go out to eat, cook a nourishing meal, or laugh with friends over yummy coffee or wine and cheese. 


Being an introvert, I love my time alone spent meditating, with books, my journal, or a good movie. 


While I connect so deeply with the blissful world of yoga, meditation, breath, and energy, I value being deeply grounded for it all to click. I love to have one foot in the spiritual world and the other in the science of anatomy and the brain, or the inner workings of planning and business.


I love sharing meditation and yoga through this balanced lens: guiding my students in rooting, anchoring, grounding in conjunction with expansion, wonder, and bliss. That’s where Deep Rooted Bliss was born…


Don't get me wrong. I haven't always felt this way...

If you're curious, read on...

Here's a little history...

I’ve been a worrier for as long as I can remember. As a kid I remember nervously looking down at a thin orange carpet in the basement of a church, as a therapist taught me how to use a worry journal. 


I was always sensitive to the emotions of others around me. I didn’t know there was a name for that (empath) until well into my twenties and it often left me feeling drained, overwhelmed, and alone. 


I didn’t know how to be around others and feel well at the same time (unless they were feeling well). 


One of the ways I coped with this was through a fascination with how people (including myself) tick. I thought that if I could understand why someone would feel a certain way, I could feel better. 

As I grew up I was drawn to the personal growth world, I eventually realized that the more fascinated I became with how and why I felt a certain way, the better I continued to feel. 

I tried other ways to feel better...

I always wanted to feel better. I wanted to enjoy the day and did on special occasions. Surprise day trips to the ocean, last minute lunches in town, or a fall hike were times that sparkle in my childhood memories. 


In middle school I decided that I wanted to grow up to do something that made me happy and content - thinking that that was the pathway towards what I wanted. I wanted a career that would be wonderful and fun. I always loved to bake so I decided I would go to The Culinary Institute of America. 

I loved my time at CIA, yet graduated so tense, exhausted, and drained that I thought the way to feel better was to change careers. While I loved what I did, my mind and body felt burnt out before I officially even started my career. 

From kneading bread to kneading muscles...

Over the next few years I tried out other career choices, always thinking that if I changed my circumstances, that would help change how I felt. It was during this time when I massage therapy found me.


I was bartending when one of my customers told me she had signed up for massage therapy school and it felt like something inside of me lit up; clicked. 


I really can’t explain it more than that. Now I know it was the stirring of my path, a nudge from the universe telling me it was time to find the REAL way to feel better.


A week later I was enrolled in the next program.

Massage Therapy turned out not to be the career for me. Instead it was the stepping stone that I needed to bring me into a world that taught me how to heal myself, how to create happiness and contentment - not from my circumstances, but from within. 


It led me to become a Meditation teacher and a yoga instructor, and pushed me to open my own business. 

"BE the change" - Dana Stuart-Bullock

Ever since that fateful day bartending when the universe nudged me toward this world, I have strived not to fix and change people or circumstances around me, but instead to BE the change myself.


I continually cleanse and heal myself, and as a result the transformations around me have been profound. This is how I teach.


I'm not on a podium with it all figured out...


...Instead I'm in the muck with you, always reflecting, learning, growing, and reaching towards my highest potential, and in the midst of it all, allowing myself to enjoy the wonder of the moment. 


I seek to experience the full spectrum of what life has to offer - the challenges, the joy, the wonder, the learnings, the celebration, the giving and the receiving. 


From this place I guide you, my students to peel away the layers that have held you back, and all along the journey pointing out all there is to enjoy through every step of the way. 

Your new friend, teacher, and cheerleader,

- Rebecca

You can always find me...

Enjoying my home in Cornwall Bridge, CT, living my dream in a log cabin nestled in the woods, living a full life of appreciation, joy, teaching amazing human beings how to use meditation and/or yoga to reach their highest potential! 



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